Our strength is our openness to the needs of clients including also individuals whom we support in particular as regards civil, family and labour law. Clients can be sure of a customised approach to each case and of our full commitment to attaining the expected results.



Labour Law

zakres działań
  • Advice on labour law matters;
  • Conducting employment-related cases in labour courts;
  • Consulting employment contracts and other employment-related documents.

Building Law

zakres działań
  • Consulting developer contracts;
  • Drafting general contracting arrangements;
  • Advice on building law.

Environmental Protection

zakres działań
  • Advice on environmental charges;
  • Representing clients in dealings with administrative bodies in environmental protection matters.

Civil Law

zakres działań
  • Drafting applications for confirmation of acquisition of inheritance;
  • Representing clients in inheritance proceedings.

Administrative Law

zakres działań
  • Drafting applications for administrative decisions;
  • Drafting appeals against decisions of administrative authorities;
  • Representing individuals before administrative bodies and courts and local appeal boards (SKO).

Medical and Pharmaceutical Law

zakres działań
  • Representing clients in cases for damages for medical malpractice.

Legal Services in Real Estate Transactions

zakres działań
  • Drafting and consulting real estate contracts;
  • Analysing and consulting developer contracts;
  • Checking the legal status of properties.

Family Law

zakres działań
  • Advice on matrimonial property and conducting negotiations with the spouses;
  • Drafting petitions for divorce;
  • Representing clients in disputes over division of matrimonial property

Debt Collection

zakres działań
  • Representing clients in litigation for payment;
  • Drafting enforcement applications;
  • Monitoring enforcement proceedings

Intellectual Property Law

zakres usług
  • Drafting and analysing intellectual property agreements, including license and copyright agreements;
  • Conducting legal disputes over copyright.

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