“Expertise, professionalism, effectiveness...”

Expertise, professionalism and effectiveness are the core values behind all we do in law firm – from our day-to-day legal practice through the approach to our clients’ needs to continued improvement of the competences and expertise of our team to keep up with the changing legal environment.

Our aims are the success and satisfaction of our clients – both corporate bodies and individuals. Our experienced team warrants solutions to be found in business, administrative, building, transport or labour law.

Owing to our customised approach to each matter we work on, we find tools and legal means closely matched to meet our clients’ demands, which guarantees the highest possible effectiveness and top quality of service.

Providing its services and developing relations with clients, we use forms of communication which are most convenient for them – from traditional post and telephone contacts to advanced internet-based solutions. Education is a major aspect of our mission and hence we share our knowledge through our expert blog and e-books, which is not commonly practiced by other law firms.


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ENen: O długości kadencji członków zarządu spółki z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

Umowa spółki z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością powinna w precyzyjny sposób regulować kwestie związane z długością kadencji członków zarządu.